Sweet Scribbles

Great moments in chalk history…lets see…there was Burt’s colourful landscape’s on the sidewalk in Mary Poppins, quadratic equations in year 9 maths and of course my cousin’s over embellished hop scotch games on Uncle Kev’s driveway.  There is just something lovely and romantic about simple chalk drawings.  Maybe it’s the innocence of youth, maybe it’s the rustic charm, who knows.  But whatever it is, the quaint chalkboard has given couples a new canvas to work with as they put the little details together for their wedding day.

There is no doubt, that as a stationer, the chalkboard, is an easy detail to pull into your wedding theme.  The lines are rustic and in their own way a little crude. The “blackboard” makes for a great backdrop to colour but the use of simple white is just as fabulous.  And the fonts – wow – getting playful with the use of bold fonts and dare I say it, grunge scripts, only adds to the charm.  So for us, what a great collection to create.  And for you, the chalkboard invitation is a great way to create a sense of vintage and nostalgia and set the tone for your wedding day. Checkout this great new Chalkboard Collection. Grab your FREE sample pack from this wedding stationery collection over the next couple of weeks.


But the fun doesn’t have to stop with the invitations.  You can keep the dusty details going and the great part about it is that many of the other little chalkboard highlights are something you can do yourself.  The fab thing about chalkboard illustration is that the lines are rough and raw, so professional and perfect is out the door.  Signage is another great way to bring in the details – setup a sign on the footpath directing guests to the church – list out the seating arrangements at the front of the reception – put up a menu board so they can start arguing over who gets the chicken and who gets the beef.  Make a mistake? Can’t write straight? Dust it out and start again – it just adds to the charm!

There are so many great materials, you can make a “blackboard” out of almost anything, old mirror frames, pieces of plywood…Bunnings have “blackboard” spraypaint and on Ebay you’ll find adhesive sheets you can cut up and stick to just about anything.  Course, don’t forget to write and dust a few times before you start – just for that real chalkboard look! I love some of these great uses of the chalkboard ‘canvas’.

Capture 102Capture 5


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