Hues of Blue Just for You!

I don’t know if it’s just the sweltering heat sending us running for something cool and refreshing but we’ve been on a bit of a blue binge of late.  And what has been really amazing is how many tones of blue that are out there at the moment.  The array of fabrics is simply stunning for starters.  Everything from that barely ice blue – just perfect for a summer gown – to the soft baby blue’s that every skin tone looks great in.  And of course there are the traditional navy’s and royal blues, rich and stunning to warm up a winter wedding but what I am in love with is this grey-blue that has hit the stores this season.  Soft and stylish for summer and just so elegant. The light chiffons just drape beautifully.  Love it, love it, love it!

There are so many beautiful ways to bring blue into your wedding theme.  You’ve got girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes….the sky, the ocean, that ghostly blue of the eucalypt trees out west – blue is this patient and popular colour ready for you to work your creativity with.  It can glitter or just sit there softly in the background.

So we’ve spent some time with it these past few weeks – you should check out the matt white print on royal blue stock for a real fanfare in our Duchess invitation suite.  And we’ve freshened the vintage damask to make it a little lighter with our new Springfield design.  There’s some brighter blues to liven things up with our Harmony chalkboard and a few others to tickle your fancy.

So whatever the hue – there’s a blue for you!

Vintage fresh

Vintage fresh

Striking vibrance

Striking vibrance

Today's fashion

Today’s fashion


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