Be inspired by Purple Wedding Invitations

The thing that I love about purple wedding invitations is the chance to create all sorts of moods from a single colour.  Purple has so many tones that it is hard not to be impressed. You might be surprised at how easily purple wedding stationery can help create any style of wedding.

Google the colour purple and they’ll tell you it is the colour of royalty.  Personally, I prefer to think of it as the colour of Cadbury! But that rich violet is just one shade of purple.  It’s deep and regal and this shade of purple is perfect for a formal wedding invitation and will create a warm reception setting during the winter months. Tie it together with lavish gold décor for a sense of eloquence. Our Secret Garden wedding invitation works this shade of purple beautifully with a little something extra to catch the eye.

The other end of the purple colour palette takes you down to pretty pastels.  Lilacs and lavenders, soft fresh tones of purple that are perfect for any spring of summer wedding.  I can’t think of a bridesmaid that couldn’t carry off these colours. Our Heart to Heart invitation is a great example of a romantic lilac invitation. Tie it together with hydrangeas or roses. These shades of purple are known as cooler colours, so blues (like in our Daydream stationery) or even silver help keep it fresh.  But if you loooove this colour, don’t be dissuaded during winter, team it with richer tones of violet or even something like brown to warm it up and give it some depth.

Now when we all went to school we knew you mixed red and blue to make purple fingerpaint.  If you get your mix a little out of whack and add more red than blue you get a shade of purple – like a berry or plum colour. This is a striking new fashion colour that is dressing up purple wedding invitations like never before. As contemporary as it is, it works well with a fashion plate like our Vintage Magnolia invitation suite, in fact it works well just about any way you like it. Lush green foliage, magnificent orchids and even…wait for it…sticks of berries work well as centre pieces. Add a little bling (or a lotta bling) and bring back that contemporary style.

So purple has plenty of scope for the bride that wants something special at anytime of the year. Use it to create a vintage look, a spring look, heck – team it with black and create a goth look and match your personal sense of style.

Consider these purple wedding invitations from StationeryOnline. No matter what you are looking for StationeryOnline has a great collection of wedding invitations personalised and perfectly purple.

Visit our collection of Purple Wedding Invitations and Purple Save the Date magnets for all the shades of purple you could want! Enjoy!


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