Ode to a Bridezilla

Bridezillas, c’mon you know who you are!  Well, at least we hope you do.

We hope that somewhere under those scales you grew is the sister, the cousin and the best friend we all love. We hope you can see the change that came over you when you started a file called “My Wedding”. We hope that this temporary insanity is exactly that..temporary! We hope you can laugh with us when we are laughing at you. And we hope you love the logo we designed in your honour.  Stylish and classy, our dearest angel and the scary devil all in one.  Now where to plaster it..a coffee mug, a t-shirt..the M5 overpass??!!

L.T. (you know who you are so have a laugh!) We love you and we know post November 12 this year you will start to love us back again.

We know you didn’t mean to scream when you realised the hemlines were all different lengths. We know that deep down you understand that nobody but you can name the 7 shades of red in the wedding flowers. We know you didn’t mean it when you tweeted ‘Nobody Understands’. We do understand and we know this isn’t the you that we love.

So friends and family, share a laugh with us and toast (or roast!) the Bridezilla you know.

P.S. even wedding vendors have family!

From angel to devil in 6 quick months!


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