What’s Your Type?

There are fonts I looove and fonts, well, let’s just say they don’t always work out as planned.  The thing is, each font together with each wording together with each wedding invitation design will always look different.

So when choosing your wedding invitation your choices don’t just end with the design itself. Together with your choice of font, you need to consider the size and the print colour.  All of this combines with the invitation design to create the wedding invitation of your dreams.

Here are a couple of things to have a think about and keep in mind when choosing the font for your wedding invitations.

Style of Font ~ Casual vs Formal

Elaborate and cursive scripts are always appropriate for traditional and formal weddings.  The drawback is exactly that though – they are elaborate. You may want to consider a plainer font for the main body of the text and use the script as a feature to draw attention to parts of the wording such as your names.

Casual fonts are a little less complicated and are well suited to more casual styling such as a beach or garden wedding. Simple font lines work well with simple designs.

Here we can see how flourishing scripts can create a formal look to an invitation whilst the simple lines of a handwritten script work well with a more casual invitation design.

The Size is the Point!

Typesetting is actually a bit of an art form.  It isn’t as simple as just getting words on a page and hitting centre – align. Your typesetting is as much a part of the invitation as the design itself.  To make it more complicated there are parts that matter more than others.  Your names – well that’s a biggie, draw attention to them by either using a complimentary font or making the text larger.  And remember that as you make a font larger the weight of the characters will naturally increase.  Using the Bold button – that’s a big nasty no-no and simply looks amateurish. Other text you might want to highlight include the hosts of the wedding, the date, the church and reception venues.  The rest is like the fineprint – people will pause to read.

Like I said, it isn’t a correct vs incorrect thing but you can see the added dimension created when the point size of the type is varied.  It draws attention to the critical details and honestly, I think it makes it a little easier to read.

Choose Your Colours Carefully!

Black is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.  It is crisp and clear and will suit any invitation design.  It is also great with elaborate scripts making them easier to read.

As a general rule, colours, especially red, are best avoided for wedding invitations.  If you do decide to use a coloured ink try and restrict it to your names.

So ordering your wedding invitations doesn’t begin and end with selecting a design.  Use the typography to personalise the design and create your perfect wedding invitation.

StationeryOnline offers over 25 unique and popular font combinations that give you the chance to enhance any of our gorgeous designs.

Have fun with it!


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