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Many of our clients have a clear idea of what they want for their weddings. From the bridesmaids dresses to the flowers, right down to the way the bow is tied on the chairs at the reception! So of course they know exactly what they want in their wedding stationery.

Often it will be such a clear idea that they can’t find a stationer who can bring their dream to life, as most stationers these days make hand-made stationery, finding someone with graphic illustration and design & print facilities is a bit harder.

Client 1: Rose

When she approached us for a custom invite we were only too eager to help. She had an idea from a friends’ bombonerie that used a little bird nest filled with sugared almonds to represent bird eggs. So the idea was to have ‘lovebirds’ represent her and her fiancé, perched happily in a twiggy tree in blues and browns. Gorgeous!

We asked her a few basic questions to hone in on the styling she had in mind: What size invite do you have in mind? Portrait or Landscape? Cutesy or Classic? What budget do you want to achieve?

Once we had the answers, we set to work on creating a concept. Firstly brainstorming: sketching trees with a lot of twiggy branches, and coming up with some cute birds. Once we narrowed down the field the team went through the sketches to find the perfect combo. Once we had a feel that the sketches were along the lines of what Rose was looking for we set about creating the final illustration.

Once it was completed, creating the layout and typesetting the design came naturally. It was easy to match fonts to the sweet antique feel of the image, so next was to present the first draft to Rose.

From here we need to get into your head – is this what you had in mind? Does it need a tweak or a re-do? The more thorough you are in the first brief, the more of a chance we’ll hit the nail on the head.

After finalising the invitation, we’ll move on to any accessory cards that may be needed and co-ordinate them using features from the main illustration.

Rose 'Lovebirds'

Client 2: Jenna

Jenna wanted our ‘Trinity’ invitations printed on black card with white ink. It is a common mistake for people to think this is easy. It’s not! I wish there was such a thing as white ink but it just doesn’t exist in real life. The only solution to this problem is to print the background as black on white card leaving the text to appear as white.

Most printers and stationers don’t like this method as it is quite a process to print that much solid black without having smudges or chipped edges (just think about your fingers after reading the newspaper and you’ll understand). So we made a suggestion, why not print silver ink on black card? The reason why this is possible is because metallic inks are the only substance that will show up on black card. Plus, it would look amazingly hot!

After sending Jenna a proof and a sample before print, she was convinced that it was perfect for her. Stunningly set with silver diamantes it was a bold and amazing invite. So much so that we now offer it on our website as a standard design ‘Midnite Tryst’, only $4.50 each.

Midnite Tryst

We don’t just stop at customised wedding invites. Custom party invites are also a very common request.

Client 3: Melissa

A previous client when she turned 18, she loves to party so for her 21st Birthday she needed a funky invite to reflect her Hollywood theme. After a few ideas of red carpets and stage lights, a clapper board was it!

Black print on silver card was a very simple look but the movable clapper fixed with a silver eyelet to the card, and the use of the ‘Hollywood sign’ font were the perfect features to bring her theme to life. Needless to say she was amazed by the finished look as we’re sure her guests will be. And these were only $3.00 each!

Melissa - Clapperboard

Custom designs are the perfect way to personalise your wedding. You may think there is a lot more work involved than a regular job, but while a normal order has a 24 hour artwork turn around, we are pleased to provide a first draft within 2 working days. Completion can still be achieved in our standard 7-10 working days. The cost is more often than not just the same as a regular invite. The only additional costs are for the artwork, and this is usually around $20 – $50 depending on the concept.

At Stationery Online we are not bound by our designs alone and in fact love to get our creative juices flowing!


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