Remember Your Manners!

We received an email today from a very excited and delightfully dizzy young bride… 

Thankyou so much for my wedding invitation sample! We thought it looked so stunning on your website – but it was a thousand times more beautiful in person. You will be hearing from us very soon, thanks again! 

Now this was just a sample, a simple invitation sample that may or may not end up being the invitation they decide upon to invite their guests to their big day, a simple invitation sample that more than likely ends up in a folder amongst all the things that brides-to-be collect…  

But what a great start to our day! Just the boost you need to get you through to the weekend! 

So I got to thinking how something that seemed so simple and insignificant to us, sending a sample, had such an impact on a customer. And something that seemed so simple and insignificant to her, saying thankyou, had such an impact on us.  My Nan always told me that manners matter!  But where have they gone today? 

We have 23 orders nearing completion this week and not one of them have ordered thank you cards. Our sales figures certainly reflect this as our lowest selling product line.   So, in exchange for free thankyou cards we asked our brides-to-be to tell us honestly why they were not part of their order.  Below are the most common responses: 

* No particular reason 

* Don’t think they are necessary 

* Waste of Money/Not in our budget 

* Will order them later 

* My friend who got married didn’t have them 

* Wasn’t enough time/Forgot 

Wow.  My poor Nan (and I am sure many of theirs!) would turn in her grave if I had to explain these results to her.  So lets consider these reasons…                                                                                      


* No particular reason 

This is the worst reason because there isn’t one! Good manners matter – say thankyou!                                                                   

* Don’t think they are necessary 

Your guests have politely asked all the right questions over the past 12 months of planning, listened to you whine about flowers that aren’t in season, that there are only 3 shades of pistachio green and none of them match, then taken time out of their lives to celebrate with you, they have dressed in their finest (and lets face it, any self-respecting female has probably bought new shoes!), they have gone without so much as a cheeseburger between your ceremony and reception whilst you pose for piccies, and to top it all off they have either slipped a healthy cheque into a card for you or lavishly wrapped your favourite silver cutlery set from Peters of Kensington.  

Guests may have travelled, paid for accommodation, babysitters…  Parents have no doubt spent copious amounts of money and supported you through this – show their friends, your family that manners matter – say thankyou!                                                                                                             

* Waste of Money/Not in our budget 

Yes, weddings are expensive.  We all know that.  When you decided to plan the grand event, when you mentioned the word wedding, before cake and the price doubled, when you bought the most expensive dress you will ever own – well somewhere in the back of your mind you knew it was going to be a costly day.  Take a moment to think about the silver cutlery set, the Bunnings Gift Voucher and the cheques you left with that night.    At StationeryOnline our thankyou cards cost as little as $1.00. Now calculate the return on investment against a thankyou card.  Waste of money?  Are they kept?  Probably not.  But then your invitations probably weren’t either.  What is retained is the memory that you were thoughtful enough to acknowledge their role in your special day.  Manners matter – say thankyou!                                                                                                  

* Will order them later 

The only response I have here is to tell you my own story.  Months of planning, beautiful day and then…Monday – life returned to normal.  There was a job that hadn’t waited for me to come down out of the clouds, bills (more than I left with) to pay, a house to clean, dinners to make.  So I made a deal with my new husband.  We split them – you do your half and I’ll do mine.  4 years later baby number one arrives so we buy our first house, pack our bags and move down the road.  Guess what I pull out, apart from an inch of dust, from behind the bar?  Yes, his half of the thankyou cards.  

Moral of the story, once the momentum is gone and all is done, it is very hard to find the motivation (and spare money) to write out 60 thankyou cards.  Take them with you on your honeymoon and write them on the plane, do them before you leave but whatever you do, take my advice and don’t put it off. Manners matter – say thankyou!                

* My friend who got married didn’t have them 

And if she jumped off a cliff would you?  Manners matter – say thankyou!                

* Didn’t have time/Forgot 

Oh dear, what sort of an excuse is that?!  Yes, handwriting out 60 cards might be a big job.  So if time is your enemy then why not get them pre-printed with a message?  Then all you have to do is sign the bottom with love and thanks, with sincere appreciation, and guess what – you get to practice that new signature! 

Thankyou Card with a Pre-Printed Message - perfect! Add your favourite wedding snapshot for that extra sentiment...


Manners matter – say thankyou!    

So, some food for thought.  Remember that they don’t have to be expensive, they don’t even have to match your invitations, what counts is that Thankyou Cards are sincere, sent timely but most of all ARE SENT! 

Want something that your guests will treasure?  See our beautiful new range of photo thankyou cards and magnets.  Share the memories that you treasure with friends and family for as little as $1.50 each!                      


Portrait Six Thankyou Card
Portrait Nine Thankyou Card

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