Stationery – It’s a chick thing!

Sad but true, I am a self confessed addict.

I love all things paper. I may switch my moods between family fun and highly sophisticated, but at the end of the day I ♥ it all! (This would probably explain why we can fill a carpark on our annual sale days!!)

Collect The Set

And so I bring a little of myself to your desks. A beautifully styled range of desk & personal stationery for you to enjoy. Designed in our art department by Jill. Printed and padded downstairs by Colin and Die-cut smooth corners by Paul.

Want to know more about our print products? Click here.

Jill says “I have tried to create something where I can pull the elements apart to give a great co-ordinated look across the set without looking all the same. I’ve also gone with a classic, contemporary style and trying not to look too pretty. We do have gentlemen customers too! The colour pallette has been chosen to fit in with most modern offices – not too colourful but not too subdued.”

This is a 7 piece set all together consisting of:

  • Mousepad
  • Magnetic Shopping List
  • Personal Calling Cards
  • Memo Cube
  • Ruler
  • Corresondance Set
  • Notebook and Pen Combo

Collect them all! Every 6-8 weeks we’ll release the next piece to add to your stylish set. Be sure to watch our blog for the voucher number and add to your next order.




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