A Bouquet of Brilliance

“Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into…”
~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts ~

The most beautiful bridal bouquet is certainly one of the most delicate, yet definitive of all bridal accessories. One forms ideas of the type of bouquet they would like to carry, often before the silhouette idea of the dress they desire appears upon their mental rack…

All red roses with the most pleasant of petals, fabulously fragrant frangipanis, a lashing of luscious lily’s…

Cala Lilly Bouquet


Whatever your choice, it is essential that they tie in with your wedding theme – and that is where StationeryOnline will be your guide. We can make perfectly personalised Wedding Invitations that compliment YOUR choice of bouquet no matter how creative, colourful or cash-conscious you are!

Our huge range of beautiful floral Wedding Stationery is stunning, which means that you can choose your bouquet knowing there will be something equally as soft and subtle or spectacular to match, and tie the whole occasion together.

And the sweetest smelling part?

StationeryOnline specialises in Wedding Stationery for under just $5, including envelopes and printing!

Our extensive range includes:
* Wedding Invitations, Placecards, Thankyou Cards, RSVP Cards
* Save the Date Cards & Magnets
* Magnetic Invitations
* Hens & Bucks Night Invitations

Stroll through a garden of fantastic floral Wedding Invitations and designs at the StationeryOnline website.
You can even “sniff before we sell” and order a Wedding Invitation sample set!


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